The overwatch team is now complete !


The overwatch team is now complete. Our three players Guillaume « KabaL » Ettori , Metehan « Mete » Aksüt & Mihail Cristian « Meza » Paunescu will be joined by two ex players of Team Fortress 2. Artem « Kensi » Budiak will take the role of DPS and Kiryl « Anak » Nikalayenka will be our new support.

Nos overwatch pendant la finale

Last but not least, Nicolas « NokSs » Landriscina is a promising young player who complete our team as flex/DPS. We will finish with a few words from our captain Guillaume « KabaL » Ettori and our new players Kensi and Anak :

After one month and a half of tests, I’m glad to announce our “version 2” of the LDLC Overwatch team. The first two players come from Team Fortress 2, and thay are 24 years old : Anak the Belarusian, and Kensi the Ukrainian. On Overwatch, they evolved on teams like Anox & The slavs. Anak plays Lucio and will colead with me. Kensi have a really good Roadhog, and is know for shi Tracer and his McCree. The last player is NokSs. It’s a promising player, and he will play Flex/DPS in the team.

Guillaume « KabaL » Ettori

We’re all really excited to have been given the chance to work with LDLC. Each of us will do everything he can to achieve new highs together as a team. Thanks for such a nice opportunity !

Kiryl « Anak » Nikalayenka & Artem « Kensi » Budiak


Mihail Cristian « Meza » Paunescu (Tank)
Metehan « Mete » Aksüt (Flex)
Guillaume « KabaL » Ettori (Support)
Artem « Kensi » Budiak (DPS)
Kiryl « Anak » Nikalayenka (Support)
Nicolas « NokSs » Landriscina (Flex/DPS)

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