Tony Parker is coming in esports with team LDLC !

Esport & study’s project

noting the increased risk of dropping out of school of some high-level players in esports, Team LDLC decides in 2019 to create a project to fight against school dropout related to the high level of practice in electronic sport . As the triple project’s model like “sport & study” not existing in the esport, it was necessary to create it …

From this finding, a partnership with the Tony Parker Adequat Academy and its model based on passion, education and employment, has become evident. The craze around the esport is such that the practice and the professionalization need to be structured safely. Relying on an institution like the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy allows the team LDLC’s rookies to benefit from the know-how of a quality infrastructure and experienced supervisors from sport’s world.

By structuring its training offerings around partnerships with schools and education stakeholders who are experts in their field, such as Acadomia for the private high school, the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy offers to Team LDLC, one of the best French esports team, the possibility to create a unique french esports formation center.

From team LDLC Academy to Tony Parker Adequat Academy

In order to improve the renewal of talents within the professional club, Team LDLC positioned as a talent discovering club in esports decided to fully assume this role and to open in autumn of 2019 an esports center in Lyon close to the Tony Parker Adequat Academy. As part of a comprehensive partnership, the two structures merged their project of an esports academy to create an innovative and responsible study esport format.

With this project, Team LDLC hopes to develop local talents in a responsible and safe way, ensuring a continuity of school to the players and thus allowing them to no longer choose between an athletic career and a school career.

The Campus

Located in Lyon (France), in the Gerland district, the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy responds to the desire to integrate into a changing urban project and into a 400-unit student residence. The Academy campus has been designed according to an architectural concept favoring traffic junctions, connecting large spaces and others more intimate and customizable. The Academy consists of 4 buildings each with a dedicated function.

Sports hall composed of three basketball courts, cloakrooms, medical center, coaching offices.

Central building that hosts spaces related to the daily life of the students

Building dedicated to housing, which will house student’s apartments

Main Building of the Academy sign made up of administration, classrooms, workspaces and Adéquat integrated agency

An esports Traning Center

Team LDLC will provide training for players as it has experienced for years, relying on its staff and including its directors esports Anthony RABBY and Bora “YellowStar” KIM. Supervised sports and esports activities will be around 20 hours per week. This training will also allow access to amateur competitions, in optimal and supervised conditions. The 10 students, benefiting from the esport scholarship, will have to follow the rules of the Tony Parker Adequat Academy and will have a regular practice of the sport as well as a medical follow-up adapted to their curriculum. They will be hosted in boarding school at the Academy. Teaching will be provided by Acadomia, french teaching specialist.

The available disciplines for this first year are : League Of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive. The choice was driven by the club’s affinities and experience.

Selection and scholar fees

The scholar fees of players selected by the LDLC team will be supported by the club and its partners. It includes accommodation, supervision, accompaniment, medical follow-up, schooling, and the training provided by the LDLC team. Its amount is close to the amount of the initial training cost of a junior professional player for the team in the past and will become a reel Performance’s scolarship.

The selection of the first 10 young students will be carried out by the two structures. However, the entrance gateway will be the LDLC team, which will validate the potential and the performances of the Player. It is obviously recommanded to be graduate from middle school with the best level possible.

Team LDLC moved to Lyon !

The LDLC Team will officially set its bags in Lyon at the end of the year and the team of professional players will get the benefits of this partner shp too : sport coaching, medical monitoring, nutrition control, and all the tools available in the Tony Parker Academy. Players will be housed within the academy in single or double rooms and train at the Team LDLC esport center.

The partnership between Team LDLC and the Tony Parker Academy is therefore an “operational” partnership aimed at pooling everyone’s resources in a common goal for each player : a triple project (esports, school, and life). Players will not have to choose between education and professional training.

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