The Lyon e-sport is back!

From February 22nd to 24th, the Lyon e-sport 2019 will be held! Our League of Legends team will not depart from the rule and will take part of it, as our two Fortnite duets will sign their first LAN under our colors.

League of Legends tournament

A year ago, Eika and her mates won the Lyon e-sport 2018 and the very first step of the LoL Open Tour at the end of an unbelievable Bo5 Final!

New year, new squad, but the Foxes are always on the alert… At the moment still undefeated in ‘Ligue Française’, our team is waiting for one thing, raise again this famous trophy!

On the program of this 2019 edition, no less than 64 teams, or 320 players, will compete in group phases before being divided into different tournaments (professional, Ibis elite and Ibis amateur).

On the cash-prize side, all the people will be reunited to try to share the 40 000€ put into play!

1st – 15 000€

2nd- 10 000€

3rd – 6 500€

4th (1st Elite tournament) – 4 000€

5th (2nd Elite tournament) – 2 750€

6ème (3rd Elite tournament) – 1 750€

I am happy to finally be able to participate in a LAN in my native country. To confront the LFL teams in this format will be interesting. We’ll see if they are better than online :D. I hope you will be many to see the Foxes domination!

Pierre ‘Steeelback’ Medjaldi

Fortnite tournament

This weekend will be the opportunity to see our two new duets: Spk – Nayte and Madzen – Seth.

For this edition, they will come face to face 94 other duos who will oppose first in series of placement, and which will be distributed then in differents groups according to their results.

At the end of these group stages, the best duos remaining will have to align their best strategy to try to win part of the 10 000€ cash prize!

1st – 4000€

2nd – 2500€

3rd – 1500€

4th – 1000€

5th – 600€

6th – 400€

I can not wait to be at the Lyon e-Sport to see what we are really capable of. I know we have the ability to get the Top, 1 and we will do everything for. It will be necessary to pay attention and especially not to underestimate anyone. The whole French scene will be present at this LAN, the level will be very high, we will not let go!

Nathan ‘Nayte’ Berquignol

You make the trip? The Lyon e-sport will also be a bit of all this:

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