MoMaN will be at H1Z1 Invitational !

From October 20 – 22, 2017 at the H1Z1 Arena in Long Beach, CA you can see top players vie for fame and glory in the Legends Tournament on H1Z1 !

There will be Three tournaments (All-Stars, Legends and Challengers) and a $500,000 overall prize pool.

MoMaN will take part in the “Legends” tournament with 74 other players considered as the best players in the world on the game of DayBreak Game. It will be in BR3 and will fight for $250,000! Also, $5,000 will be awarded in each of the 3 matches for the top fragger.

Join us Sunday, October 22, 2017 in the H1Z1 Arena at TwitchCon to see all the action unfold live.

Since the launch of H1Z1 Invitational in 2015, it is the most popular and watched event of the TwitchCon with more than 118 000 personnes connected to follow the finale and the victory of Inboxes and Radek.


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