Eika leaves Team LDLC

Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire, who has been in the LDLC’s Line Up League of Legends for almost 3 years, leaves the team to fly to new horizons…

Arrived in January 2017, Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire with his experience in LCS has very well integrated his role as a midlaner within the team for almost 3 years! Since then he has dazzled us with his moves and his unfailing calm. But also by his kindness, his availability and his singing skills! He is a player who has helped shape today’s team.

Final Lyon-esport Febuary 2018


His rise of power in competition is also reflected in very good results. As in a certain Lyon esport #11 where the team finished victorious in one of the most beautiful finals of the French circuit. Since then the team has taken on a new dimension, not a single podium has escaped it winning all the national titles in 2019. Decisive and regular during the LFL, Eika very rarely makes mistakes which is why YellowStar and his teammates have always been able to rely on him and build a solid team.

“Hello everyone, it is with a pinch in my heart that I announce my departure from the LDLC Team. I have really experienced unforgettable moments in recent years and I could never have hoped for better. I have met great people who have always been there for me, who have helped me as a player and as a person to improve every day, I owe you a lot and I assure you that I will give everything in my future team.

Thanks to the players who have played with me over the years at LDLC, I am proud to have shared this adventure with each of you,.
Thanks to Kirdos and Yellow because if I became the player I am today it is thanks to you.
Thanks to Lounet for being the best manager and a friend on whom I can count.
Thanks to all the staff for simply trusting me, you are great.

A page is turning, my new chapter will soon begin and my book is far from finished

#FoxSpirit one day…. #Foxpires always.”

Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire

From Korea to French lans to simple moments to GH, Eika has distinguished herself by his empathy, good humour and determination. He is both a great player and a great man from whom we have all learned a little in the team. A part of us is obviously going with him but as all families: the door will always be wide open.

Thank you for everything Jeremy! It will be difficult to imagine the next season without you but today you’re rewarded for your work and perseverance. We wish you good luck and success for your new projects. You will always be a fox to us. 🦊



 Coupe de France 2019
5th-8 European Masters Summer 2019
LFL Summer Split
5th-8 European Masters Spring 2019
LFL Spring Split 2019
 Lyon Esport 2019
 Maximus Cup 2018
Solary Cup 2018
 Gamers Assembly 2018
 Lyon Esport 2018
 Maximus Cup 2017
Red Bull Itemania 2017
 ESL Clash of Nations 2017
 DreamHack Tours 2017
 Gamers Assembly 2017
 Lyon esport 2017


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