A weekend at the top!

Last weekend was held both the ESL Pro European Championship in Poznan, Poland and the Game Arena in Valenciennes, France. For our CSGO and LoL teams, it was an intense and successful moment!

Headshot rains in Poland

After qualifying without any defeat this summer, the team joined AGO Esport, Epsilon eSport and ALTERNATE aTTaX in the playoffs. The first game in BO1 against Epsilon relegated us to lower bracket from the start of the tournament. But we completely reassembled it by eliminating – to start with – ALTERNATE aTTaX 2 to 0 and then winning against Epsilon eSport 2 to 1.

The grand finale will have opposed us to AGO Esport in a tight BO5. While on the spot, AGO was on everyone’s lips, our players did not let themselves be taken in and were eventually able to lift the cup of this EPEC!

It all starts with a first blood

Like the CSGO team, the LoL players flew over the group stages of the Game Arena in Valenciennes. Once in the pro bracket, they headed straight for the end of the tree, winning against Gentside, whom they will meet again later in the grand finale. This will give a duel at the top between the two teams. Gentside will manage to take the first set, but Eika’s team will equalize immediately afterwards.

Finally, it will be our team that will win this Game Arena with a flawless run in this stage of the LoL Open Tour!

A big GG to our players and all the staff for the work they have done in recent months and who now pays! Thank you also to you for always being faithful throughout these meetings and encouraging our teams in these beautiful moments of esport!


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