Team-LDLC recruits on League of Legends


Team-LDLC decided to recruit the League Of Legends team formerly known as “La Fleur”. With severals good results, such as ESL LoL Cups (16*, 5*, 4*), and many wins in Cataclysm Cup #5, MyRevenge Play LoL Cups and Impact Trophy #1, it is with a great pleasure that we welcome these players in our team.

The five new players are :

equipe lol

Nessie (Twitter, Facebook), Mey (Twitter, Facebook), Aryenzz (Twitter, Facebook), Iphig (Twitter, Facebook) & Valinora (Facebook)

The team exists for 2 years now, a rare stability when it comes to esport. We asked our new captain to say a few words about this recruitment !

We are really happy and proud to be a part of Team LDLC. After all this time playing together, we finally found in them the support we needed to grow even more, and we believe that we can accomplish big things together. Our first goal would be the ESWC competition during Paris Games Week, where we would give our best, and, hopefully, earn a place worthy of the trust Team LDLC has put in us.

Inés “Nessie” Sánchez
LoL Support for

We hope the team will be present in the next 25.000 $ Electronic Sports World Cup tournament that will take place during the Paris Games Week, from October 28th to the 1st of November 2015. In the meantime, welcome to them !

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