Team-LDLC comes in the summoners rift !


After some months without any line up on League of Legends, Team-LDLC is back in business.

Team-LDLC hase been teamless for nearly a full year on League Of Legends. Nowodays, we have the pleasure to announce our new roster previously known as “Mashallah”. This is a french-belgium team with some well-known players and new talents. Our new lol squad is composed by:

Haidar “Haydal” Mezidi, Carry Ad.
Amaury “Moopz” Minguerche, Support.
Louis “Polyokov” Hamet, Midlaner.
Karim “ImSoFresh” Bbahla, Jungler.
Etienne “Steve” Michels, Solotop.

From Team-LDLC, it’s JothY who will be in charge to help the players to play in the best condition:

It was a long time we were looking for a band to represent our colors on League Of Legends. Everything happened suddenly when ImSoFresh conctacted us by mid-march. The team has a huge potential, she is formed with some “new” players and some veterans who might be known for their past behavior. But they convinced us it was some mistakes due to their youthfulness. I can’t wait to see them play under our tag.

Florian”JothY” Seguin-Henry
Manager LOL

From player’s side, ImSoFresh wanted to express himself:

I am happy to announce that Mshlg’s crew, with the recent arrival from Steve (top lane), will be representing Team-LDLC. Since Steve is playing with us, we have been daily practicing and we wanted to make the things more serious. That’s why we asked Team-LDLC, which is a serious and reliable structure, to help us. We hope to represent them as best as possible.

Karim “ImSoFresh” Bbahla
Player LOL

You’ll be able to follow the squad for their first lan this week-end during the Gamers Assembly (4 to 6 April)  where they will be able to illustrate themself against teams such as Xpeke’s Origen.

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  1. Avec haydal et imso c’est un disband assuré dans 2semaines, hf

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