#FoxMoveLoL with OMEN by HP!

After the #FoxMoveCSGO, we launch today the #FoxMoveLoL with OMEN by HP!

You want to show us your best Insec? You already made a 1vs3? You dodge all the spells of your opponents?

Prove it and send us your moves on Twitter with the hashtag #FoxMoveLoL.

How does it work?

We offer you to share your best in-game actions on RIOT’s famous MOBA. For this purpose, you have 3 weeks to post your best clips on Twitter with the hashtag #FoxMoveLoL.

After these 3 weeks, Team-LDLC’s staff will gather and make a first selection of the Top 4 best actions.

Then, you will be the one to vote for the final ranking and will determine the #FoxMoveLoL action of the month. The top 3 actions with most votes will be rewarded!

What can you win?

  • The grand winner will be offered one gaming backpack OMEN by HP + a jersey Team-LDLC + a mysterious figurine.
  • Second place will be offered one t-shirt Team-LDLC and one mysterious figurine.
  • Third place will be offered prepaid RP card of €20.

Planning of the #FoxMoveLoL event

From Friday 1st December to Monday 25th December 11:59pm, you will be able to send your clips on Twitter with the hashtag #FoxMoveLoL.

Then from Wednesday 27th December 6pm to Sunday 31th November 11:59pm, you will have to vote for your favorite #FoxMoveLoL actions.

Finally, the winners will be announced on Wednesday 3rd January 2018!

WARNING – Technical details

Each participant can send one or several clips. However, each clip shall contain only one single action, and last less than 2 minutes. Also, you can’t upload it directly on Twitter, you need to link us your clip (plays.tv, Youtube…etc).

How to send a clip?

You are free to use whichever method you prefer to create your clip. You might for example want to use the software plays.tv, an easy way to record your in-game actions. Not only is it very easy to handle, but it also doesn’t take much space for those who don’t have many FPS.

To download plays.tv, you can click on this link here or go to their website. Follow the installation instructions, create an account and link it to your Steam account, then configure plays.tv so it will record the way you want it (webcam, number of FPS, bitrate, microphone, etc.).

Once configured as you want, you can launch the software and LoL at the same time. Plays.tv will automatically record a game from beginning to end. Finally, go on plays.tv to see your moves, create one or several clips and share them on Twitter with the hashtag #FoxMoveLoL.

Good luck!


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