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Hi Nessie! As you are new in Team-LDLC I am letting you introducing yourself to our fans! Who are you and what do you do for a living?nessie

Hey! My name is Inés Sanchez but you can call me Nessie. I am a 22 years old spanish girl studying in France and I do Game Design. I have always been a gamer as long as I remember and I play LoL since the season 2.

As for the team, what is you prosition and how long have you been playing with the other members ?

I am the support of the team. The team has been created2 years ago but some players came and got away since then. The last one was brought in almost 2 months ago but 3 of us were already playing together for almost a year.

Actually you have been into a lot of european online tournaments. What is, in your opinion, your level amonst the other teams?

It depends what you mean by level… For now we have won a lot more tournaments than the ones we have lost but we also know it does not mean it will continue on in the future. We practice a lot in order to improive ourselves and our teamplay. We hope to have a high enough level to perform well at the ESWC.

nessie2About the ESWC, what is your goal and how are you preparing for it?

Our goal is to go the furthest we can in the tournament. We believe we are able to go at least to the semi-finals. We are practicing everyday nearly 2 to 3 hours together apart from the solo practice we all do.

How would you say your style is ?

I would say that we play the metagame. We are not afraid to learn playing new champions and strategies in order to use the strong parts of every patch at best.

The Worlds are actually ongoing, have you got a favorite team? Or a forecast to give ?

Hmmm that is not an easy question! I really like Origen and Fnatic as a player. As a person I have a crush on Doublelift, my second would be Yellowstar. But no, I don’t have any forecast. There are so many good teams this tear. I think this will be the most interesting Worlds ever since the beginning of the game.

Before ending this interview we are going to do a little Rapido-Quizz.
According to the French proverb “to live happily, live hidden”. Are the Jungle in LoL happier ?

On LoL I would translate that into “to live happily, live in the bush” no pun intended…

If we play LoL to kill time, why does the timer continue to tick ?

I say report Zilean for afk gg wp.

Does Lee Sin sees all his life before dying?

Before dying he sees all his Q jump in fail in solo queue.

What is the best recipe to cook Fizz?

Knowing that I call this champion “Fish-stick” you can guess!

If Achille goes against Talon, who wins?

If Talon is the weakspot of Achille…. Did they have a secret relationship?

Thank you Nessie for this interview, we will see you again at the end of october at Paris for the PGW!

Thanks to you! We will see each other soon at Paris!

You can follow Nessie on twitter or facebook, but also on her Twitch !

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