Challenger Series Europe : Qualifier


From January 10th to 15th, twelve teams will participate to the Challengers Series Europe Qualifier of League of Legends. The pass for the second division will be granted to the top 2 teams, selected after 2 playoffs finals on January 15th.

Our team will play in group A, alongside with Euronics, Bobaski, Nerv, ASUS ROG Army & Fnatic Academy. In the group B, Alientech, Larssen, ALTERNATE ATTAX, Kinguin, Forge & Tricked.

The best of each group will compete in the playoffs against the second of the other group. The two best teams will join the next season of CS EU.



Day 1

Grp. A Fnatic Academy 1-0 Euronics
Grp. B Alientech 0-1 Larssen
Grp. A Bobaski 0-1 Nerv
Grp. B Forge 1-0 Tricked
Grp. A LDLC 1-0 Asus ROG Army
Grp. B ALTERNATE aTTaX 0-1 Kinguin

Day 2

Grp. A Fnatic Academy 1-0 LDLC
Grp. B Alientech 1-0 ALTERNATE aTTaX
Grp. A Asus ROG Army 0-1 Nerv
Grp. B Kinguin 1-0 Tricked
Grp. A Euronics 1-0 Bobaski
Grp. B Larssen 0-1 Forge

Day 3

Grp. A Nerv 1-0 Euronics
Grp. B Tricked 1-0 Larssen
Grp. A Fnatic Academy 1-0 Asus ROG Army
Grp. B Alientech 0-1 Kinguin
Grp. A LDLC 1-0 Bobaski
Grp. B ALTERNATE aTTaX 0-1 Forge

Day 4

Grp. A LDLC 0-1 Nerv
Grp. B ALTERNATE aTTaX 1-0 Tricked
Grp. A Bobaski 0-1 Fnatic Academy
Grp. B Forge 0-1 Alientech
Grp. A Euronics 1-0 Asus ROG Army
Grp. B Larssen 0-1 Kinguin

Day 5

Grp. A Asus ROG Army 1-0 Bobaski
Grp. B Kinguin 0-1 Forge
Grp. A Euronics 1-0 LDLC
Grp. B Larssen 0-1 ALTERNATE aTTaX
Grp. A Nerv 1-0 Fnatic Academy
Grp. B Tricked 1-0 Alientech

Jour 6

Playoff 1 Nerv 0-3 Kinguin
Playoff 2 Forge 0-3 Fnatic Academy

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