Challenge France LoL

challenge france

Lyon e-Sport and Riot Games organise this year the Challenge France, the french official national championship on League of Legends.

The 6 best teams of France will battle until November 26 to win the France Champion title, and also a part of the 15 000 € prize. The winner of the competition will also obtain a pass for the Challenger Series Winter Qualifier !

Almost all the matches will be played online, but the grand final will take place on November 26 during the Toulouse Game Show, in a 100% League of Legends dedicated hall, with thousand spectators.


Semi-finals Final
team_ldlc256x256 LDLC 3
Ecorps E-corp Gentle 1
team_ldlc256x256 LDLC 0
millenium Millenium 3
millenium Millenium 3
grosbill Grosbill 0
3rd place
Ecorps E-corp Gentle 1
grosbill Grosbill 3

Regular Season

# Team W L
1. team_ldlc256x256 LDLC 5 0
2. millenium Millenium 4 1
3. Ecorps E-corp Gentle 2 3
3. grosbill Grosbill E-Sport 2 3
5. eclypsia-esport-3gna2lm8 Eclypsia eSport 1 4
5. Ecorps E-corp Glorious 1 4


Regarder une vidéo en direct de RiotGamesFR sur

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