Wissam qualified FIFA Interactive World Cup regional final

While the first FUT Champions months were dedicated to the FUT Championship Series, March and April were the qualifiers for the FIFA Interactive World Cup regional finals.

As every year, the FIWC, the FIFA World Cup, is the final stage of the FIFA Esport season. After a great TOP 4 of our player Dylan “Nuka” Bance last year in New York, another of our players may have the chance to compete in this competition.

Indeed, after an excellent month of April, Wissam “Ulquiorra” Abou Ahmed, won his ticket for the regional final of the FIWC. It was at the end of a FIFA bootcamp, organized in the Gaming House Team-LDLC, that Wissam was able to seize the second place qualifier brought into play this month.

We will meet Ulquiorra very soon with the objective, the qualification for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 which will take place in London.


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