Nuka qualified for the Fut Champions Cups #1

This November was synonymous of qualification for FIFA18 players.

As they did last year, EA organized during the weekends of November its famous FUT Champions where players must achieve as much victories as possible in 40 games.

Our players have logically tried their luck and it’s eventually the very quiet Dylan “Nuka” Bance who has achieved the best performance by winning 151 matches out of 160 played.

This fantastic record allows him to become one of the 64 best players in the world on Xbox One and to go to the first Champions Cups. This event, which will take place next January, will bring together the 128 best players of November, 64 on Xbox One and 64 on PlayStation 4, who will try to qualify for the final stage, the FIFA eWorld Cup!

On this occasion William “P0uPid0u” Gellato, manager of the FIFA team, expressed himself:

“I want to congratulate Nuka for this wonderful month of qualification. After a difficult 2016/2017 season, he proved once again that he is one of the best players in France. His legendary discretion allowed him to work his way through this month of November. Once again: congratulations Nuka!”

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