Nuka joins Team-LDLC


We are proud to announce that Dylan “Nuka” Bance, a such promising player, joins our team.  Nuka will have a lot to do this year, with his particiaption to FIFA Interactive World Cup, wiith the best 32 players of the world, which will be held from march 20th to march 22nd. Then, Nuka will play the Gamers Assembly at the end of march, and possibly the french national final of EA SPORTS FC, just before the next summer.

Our new player expressed a few words :

” I’m very happy to join the Team-LDLC FIFA roster. It was planned since a while and I’m glad that it happened. I already some members of the teams, such as Alexher who whas my ex-team mate, so the integration will be quite simple. I wanted to thank Team-LDLC for their trust, and I hope I will represent them the best I can in the future, starting with the FIWC next month.”

We hope that you will support our new player through his future tournaments !

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