Alexher 2nd of the Gaming Stories

Tuesday on the show called “Hors-Jeu” animated by Bruce “Spank” Grannec and Mahmoud “Brak” Gassama, it was the finale of the tournament FIFA 18 Gaming Stories.

This competition runned by Coca Cola in partnership with Spank, offered us the first event on the brand new FIFA 18. It was the opportunity for our players to measure theirselves to the others.

After a defeat in semi-finals in the qualifier #1, our player Alexandre “Alexher” Hernandez won the next qualifier and his ticket for the final. In semi-final of the tournament, he won against Axel “NoYLLs” Boullet 2-0 so he was able to play the grand final in Paris.

Unfortunately for Alexandre, this ultimate game against Corentin “Maestro” Thuillier was not as good as planned because he lost 2 – 0.

Even if he lost, Alexher still shown a very good level for this first tournament of the season and we hope that this podium will be synonym of more all along the season!


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