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During their bootcamp for the national Championship, we asked a few questions to Matthieu “matHEND” Roquigny, to know a little more about him.

Two month passed since the anouncement of this new team… How did you evolved ?

We are still in the “learning phase”, and its far from over, but we evolve day after day and we progress. We are young and we want to go the furthest possible, but for that we have to work and be patient.

You played the role of leader during the White era, do you miss it ?

It comes from a little bit before the whites. I did it by “default”, because nobody could do it, and DEVIL didn’t have the experience to overcome the lack of leadership in this team. So I don’t miss it at all, but I don’t regret it !

What’s the biggest difference between yours and Ex6TenZ’s lead ?

There is not one but many differences : the vision of the game, the capacity he have to analyze the opponent’s play and to take advantage of it, the way he uses his players, the way we work before and after the practices, his lucidity, and the fact that he his a leader by choice and not by default !

How do you practice ?

I start with bots to warm my wrist, and after that I play some pistol DM. I continue by playing classic DM until I reach 100 kill with ak/m4/awp, and I finish with a bit of hsmod, to overcome my lack of skill of aiming heads (I’m more in “They talk about my full” mode right now…).

How do you approach the next national Championship in Poitiers ?

Serenely. We worked a lot lately, and I think thaht if we apply what we worked in practice and if the skill is present, we have a great chance to win this competition. The question is do we have the right state of mind ?

Ok ! Let’s finish with some Rapido Quizz !

The end of the Season 6 of Game of Thrones in one word ?

You vacation spot this year ?
Ibiza or nothing. Time will tell:D

Favorite CS player ?
bodyy ! (pay our holidays plz)

The winner of Euro 2016 ?
Blue White Red !

You can follow Matthieu on Twitter !

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