White & Blue : the end of an era


From the beginning of the LDLC White & Blue journey, the only line up change was the replacement of madc by Younes last November. But after bodyy left for G2 and DEVIL to Envy, it is sadly but logically that we announce the end of LDLC White & Blue.

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LDLC White at Gamers Assembly 2015

This year was a good one for the White team, with a second place in Gamers Assembly 2015, ESWC 2015 and Hitbox Arena Showdown Invitational. Also, first places were achieved in ESEA 18 Main Division Europe, Underdogs 1, Evry Games City and of course recently at Assembly Winter 2016. During Dreamhack Tours 2015, the team finished in the top 8, after close games against Envy and Hellraisers.


LDLC Blue at Gamers Assembly 2016

On the Blue side, the team won ESWC 2015, Underdogs 2 and Epsilan 12. They also finished second in Underdogs 1 and Gamers Assembly 2016, and in the third place of Assembly Winter 2016.

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The whole team at Gamers Assembly 2015

At the time, we welcomed two promising teams, and we have proved today, after a year, the great qualities of these players. We would like to thank the players and their coaches, whom work have been spectacular, to say that this year was exceptional with all of them, and that we wish them good luck for the next to come.

Finally, we wanted to thank all the fans out there, who have been a strong support since the beginning, and we let the last word to Grégory “Geekory” CABOCHE, the manager of the Blues since the beginning :

13 months… It’s not with sadness that I write this message, quite the opposite ! The adventure should end one day, this was bound to happen, just a matter of time. This journey in Team-LDLC ends today. In the name of the whole team, I would like to thank the staff for the trust they put in us, but also their patience, as some moments were delicates and complicated. Thank you Stephan, Anthony, MoMaN, but also the people who operate behind the scene : Mimmou, Jothy, Pata, Valère, and of course the BEST…. KaO. What Team-LDLC give us is priceless. The chance to stand alongside this structure was a rewarding experience.

And I would like to thank the people who supported us in the difficult times. Thank to the players for this beautiful moments. I will never forgetou first international event in Finland and our victory at ESWC.

And don’t worry, despite the very advanced age of HEdm (Dewid), none of the players decided to take it retirement. I hope them good luck cith their new companion. And as said by the great Geekory (a great guy i heard of), every road lead to Tours !

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  1. RIP, my favorite organisation! Sad day :(

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