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New Counter-Strike team, new Overwatch team… Our activity was pretty busy this September. But, as the proverb says : Things always happen in threes! So it is time to announce the creation, in close collaboration with Matthieu “mathEND” ROQUIGNY, of our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Espoir Team.

LDLC has a long tradition of recruitment and formation on Counter-Strike. Since 1.6 and Source, talented players have flown high the brand’s flag : shox, apEX, Happy, SmithZz, etc. And it’s a long list.

The creation of an Espoir Team is in our bags for a long time now, and when Matthieu “mathEND” ROQUIGNY went to submit his idea, we accepted without hesitation.

Our Espoir Team will only have the goal to exalt the talent of these players, with the assurance of an professional help, as we always gave to our players.

And to show the talent they already have, the team already qualified for the European Final of the World Electronic Sports Games 2016, the 1.500.000 $ tournament, and will represent France beside EnVyUS!

We will let our player mathEND say the final words, and we wish good luck to our new players!

Hello everybody,

As I announced it in my last statement, I had as an objective to get back a taste for the game, to the pleasure of playing to my passion, and for that I had to do something I care about : playing with buddies, without hassle, and no investment like I had to when I evolved in a professional team. So, I come back now to announce my project, in collaboration with LDLC.

My project is to instruct the best I can two “young” players : hqx and gAUTHIERLELELELELE. The have a great potential, but they lack of knowledge (like devil and bodyy used to when we recruited them), and we want them to step up to another level. Even if I know that I’m not omniscient, I think I learn a lot through these years with the Whites and LDLC, and I think I can help them to progress.

I took with me TEKO, who is a person with a undeniable experience of the french scene, and who is willing to learn. He will permit to balance the team with his adaptability and experience, while he learns by my side.

For the last player, it will be Allum3tt3, who is also a player with an experience of the french scene, and he will help me to train hqx to the role of sniper.

Our objective as a team is to do all the competitions we can, to gather experience, and to go as far as we can in all the competitions we are in, and if it’s possible to tickle the french subtop. i would like to thank LDLC and Marty for their support on this project!

Matthieu “mathEND” ROQUIGNY


Matthieu “mathEND” ROQUIGNY
Tristan “hqx” AMATO
Pedro “Allum3tt3” MORAIS

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