Welcome to Amanek and Devoduvek!

As you have seen during our last meetings, our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is evolving! 

The previous composition of the team had reached a plateau and needed to be renewed.  To this end, Timothée “DEVIL” DEMOLON and Mathieu “Maniac” QUIQUEREZ leave their place to two new players. We salute all that they have brought to the team and hope that the rest will go as well as possible for them.

François “AmaNEk” Delauna and David “devoduvek” Dobrosavljevic join the team! Formerly MissFit then Minlate, the two teammates recently performed at Gamers Assembly finishing first in the tournament. Their common experience will bring a boost to our team to reach the best in the next tournaments.

After a season in the ESL Pro League more than half-toned the team was in desperate need of renewal.

Once again Devil’s road is different from that of Team-LDLC but no one doubts that he will bounce again! We thank him for the few months he spent with us and the vision he brought to the game, and wish him good luck for the future.

Maniac has expressed his wish to withdraw from the competition. We salute the journey he has taken throughout his career. Working alongside him was a real pleasure, both on a professional and human level. We wish him all the best for the months to come.

Two departures are therefore synonymous with two arrivals. It is now up to Amanek and Devoduvek to bring a fresh wind to a team that is only waiting to find the pep’s of its beginnings. I look forward to seeing them grow alongside us and welcome them to our ranks.

Anthony RABBY – Team LDLC Esport Director

Composition of the team :

Antoine “to1nou” PIRARD
Logan “logaN” CORTI
David “devoduvek” Dobrosavljevic
François “AmaNEk” Delaunay

Steeve “Ozstrik3r” Flavigni (coach)
Julien “Krav” Hernandez (analyste)
Loïc “RegnaM” Péron (manager)


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