Some news on Counter-Strike : Global Offensive


In this end of the 2016 Summer, our Counter-Strike : Global Offensive team changes a little bit. Arrived at the start of the year 2015, Matthieu « matHEND » Roquigny took the role of ingame leader in the White team, and he joined the team lead by Ex6TenZ last April. He has now decided to retire from the competition, to take a little break from the game.

Charbel « BouLy » Naoum joined LDLC at the same time, but in the Blue team. In the new team since April, he didn’t fit the new pace of training, and his level didn’t went up as expected, which lead him to lose his place in the team.

After a year of service for LDLC I took the decision to step back from the team and the competition. I already have been deceived by the end of the Whites, but I thought that with this new line-up I could step up again. Unfortunately it was not the case, my loss of motivation aggravated to the point that I quit this place with a salary at LDLC. I do not regret this project, because I will keep good memories with them, and I learned a lot on a tactical plan beside Kévin, and I think it will beneficiate to me later. On my side, I want to play CS with pleasure again, and so I will play french LANs with my friends, with no pretention, just to find again the “fun” in CS. I wish good luck to the new line up, especially to my dear to1nou. I think about boubou too, because I really appreciated the time spent with him, and I hope he will find self confidence again and a team that suits him well. I thank all the LDLC staff (especially Antho, Stephan and Manu), for their support and the fact that they permit players like bodyy and DEVIL to bloom, and I thank all the sponsors ASUS ROG, COOLERMASTER, BALLISTIX and LDLC. This is not a farewell, it is only a goodbye, I think I have to step back a little to take a better jump forward, and it’s the right time to do it. See ya friends !

Matthieu « matHEND » Roquigny

With this two departures, our team picked two good players. To do so, we recruited two of the most talented players in France, Valentin « mistou » Balbastro and Alexandre « xms » Forté, who officially join the team from today.

Hello everybody ! It’s with a great pleasure that xms and me join the LDLC team. It is a new adventure for us, and we will do everything to meet LDLC’s expectations. Everything changes from Millenium, from the organisation to the working method, and mostly the targets that LDLC stated for us. We wanted to thank Millenium for this 3 months together, and we wish them good luck for the next to come. Thank to LDLC for their trust, we will rock everything =) !

Valentin « mistou » Balbastro

We would like to thank Matthieu and Charbel for all the things they have done for LDLC, and all the good memories we will keep !

LDLC’s composition

Kévin «Ex6TenZ» Droolans
Antoine «to1nou» Pirard
Alex «ALEX» McMeekin
Valentin «mistou» Balbastro
Alexandre «xms» Forté
Emmanuel «MoMaN» Marquez (Coach/Manager)

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