ECN : Our foxes in final!

It is official, the team will soon participate in the ECN final in Montpellier during the Occitanie Esport on June 23rd.

And yes, the journey to the final was not particularly easy. The team had to be patient to defeat its competitors. After their victory over the ex-Aaa in BO3, the foxes were able to reach the coveted final. Indeed, the semi-final that took place on June 5th was not easy for the team, they had to fight map after map. After losing on their own Inferno map, they managed to win over Vertigo, the ex-aAaa pick. Finally, the team won the last map, Nuke, and took a place in the final for June 23rd!

“It’s going to be a tough game because the team we’re going to play on the wave right now with a well-deserved 1st place in the ranking so they have a solid capital of confidence. On our side, we’re capable of making very big games and I’m counting on the experience of some people to make this game work for us. The objective is clear for us is victory and nothing else but from a personal point of view I want the team to produce beautiful Cs and respect the principles we have put in place.”

Steeve « Oztrik3r » Flavigny – CS:GO Coach


The final will take place on stage on June 23rd at 12pm during the Occitanie Esport.



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