Devil is back

As we announced on our social networks earlier in the day, our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is evolving.

Timothée ‘DEVIL‘ DEMOLON was a former player in our structure, and after having successively moved to Team EnVyUs then MAXISAUCISSE, he’s back with us.

On his side Valentin ‘mistou‘ BALBASTRO becomes substitute. We thank him of course for the 10 months already passed with us as a regular player and for the involvement he has and will continue to show.

Kévin ‘Ex6TenZ‘ DROOLANS, captain of our roster, explains these changes.

Our goals are very ambitious and recent results have sometimes been disappointing, although we have done great performances in EPL and haven’t been ridiculous at the Minor. But not to mention results, we felt we needed a change to allow us to go one step further. Mistou gave a lot to the team and he allowed us to move forward and we can thank him for that, but he missed a little something… I hope he finds it in the future!

Now the road continues with Devil. It’s a player who showed a lot of strength, I hope we will do a good job together to allow him to explode. Here we go again!

Kévin ‘Ex6TenZ‘ DROOLANS

A chapter ends today for me. Ten months with ups and downs, a second place at the ESWC in front of an incredible audience, two Minors, an ESL Pro League Qualification and our keeping in that same League, a trip to Los Angeles, in short an  unbelievable adventure. I fully understand the decision of my ex-teammates and I have no bad feelings towards them.

I wish to thank all the LDLC staff for their human side, it’s rare in eSport to see people so close to their team. I wish good luck to DEVIL and the rest of the team who will remain good friends to me.

Valentin ‘mistou‘ BALBASTRO

A big thanks to my former teammates who gave everything during our journey together and improved themselves a lot even throught the storm. I regret leaving them like this but I’m given the chance to learn new things and come back to the international scene.

I’d like to thanks LDLC and my new teammates to trust in me, I’ll try not to disappoint them and I will give everything that I can to play at my best. I look forward to start playing under Ex6’s lead.


NOTE: Qualified for the ECN Summer 2017 Finals with his teammates from MAXISAUCISSE, Devil will make his official entry into our team immediately after this competition.

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