Call of Duty : See you soon !


After a year full of unexpected developments, we decided to put on hold our Call of Duty team.

We launched our roster one year ago, in order to participate to the biggest tournament on the game : the Call of Duty World League.


Despite an encouraging start, we had to make some changes in the mid of the year, leading us to recruit a new team.

By winning the South Lan Event, we managed to qualified for the ESWC CoD in Paris, a wonderful moment we shared with our fans.


Luckily, the halfhearted end of the season allowed us to qualify for the final championship : the Call of Duty XP in Los Angeles.

However today, with the lack of investment from Activision, and with our player’s contracts ending, we prefer to step out of the Call of Duty scene, and to put on hold our activities in the game.

We would like to thank all the players that played a role in our fantastic adventure, and we wish them the best for the next to come !

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