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ECN First weeks

CS:GO (en)
23 April 2018 by NailsEater

The first two weeks of the ECN are over and the results are positive! Our team was able to meet two opponents during these first games. First of all against MaxiSaucisse who took the first map, while we won on […]

ESL Championnat Nationnal 2018

CS:GO (en)
16 April 2018 by NailsEater

In parallel with the ESL ProLeague started last week the National Championship of the ESL.  We find there seven other French teams who will compete for the title of ESL Champion. We played our first round-trip game on 9 April against […]

Road to Copenhagen Games 2018

CS:GO (en)
28 March 2018 by NailsEater

This weekend the CS:GO team represented TeamLDLC at the Copenhagen Games 2018. The tournament will take place from 29 to 31 March 2018.  No less than 114 teams will compete for first place. In terms of organisation, the first matches will […]

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